01 May 2014

May Day

I enjoy the tradition of hanging a May Basket
on an unsuspecting neighbor's door.

(Although if you do it often enough,
how unsuspecting can they really be?)

This morning a light rain was falling as I tip-toed through my garden,
snipping grape hyacinth, forsythia, cherry blossoms, and myrtle.

Hail, sweet month of May!
Hail, bright month of May!
Bring sunshine with thee,
Chasing clouds away.
March has left us sighing
In cold and chilly blast,
April's tears have fallen,
May has come at last!


  1. A sweet May Day to you! Lucky neighbor!

  2. What a lovely bouquet. Your neighbour must be so pleased.
    Such sweet gesture.


  3. Hello dear Haworth
    Such a beautiful May Day bouquet for your lucky neighbour.
    I've been looking for you for a while and lost track of your blog.
    I'm sorry.
    The time just flies by as I have been working all year.
    I've loved reading your blog and I hope to stay connected with you.
    I'm hoping you will email me.