03 April 2012

National Hanging Out Day - April 19

Each year, on April 19th
Project Laundry List sponsors National Hanging Out Day

to demonstrate how easy it can be to save money and energy
simply by using a clothesline.

 I saw some adorable stripey clotheslines at the dollar store
and I think I'll be stringing one up across the garden that day
to air out some items from my linen closet.


  1. Beautiful garments on a clothesline is such a pretty site! By the way,I want to thank you for your visits and comments on my blog. I've been on a short break from blogging/emailing but am finally catching up, yay! Have a wonderful week and Easter.


  2. I remember the hours and hours I would spend (as a child, adolescent and young adult) putting clothes on and off the line in our back yard. Everything smelled so fresh. It's good to hear from you, Abby! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I love these photos! Hanging laundry is one of my "things". I hope you got your line up!

  4. The first laundry image is from an article about energy consumption entitled "Hanging Your Laundry To Dry: Does It Uglify Your Neighborhood?" The second laundry image is from an article about Resolutions for a Greener New Year. I remember hanging cloth diapers on the line in winter -- they were like white planks when we brought them indoors!

  5. I am all ready for "hang out day", as you know Thursday is a regular laundry day anyway. I hope is is a windy day so things get fluffy and not like planks.......

  6. I hope it's windy that day, too, with lots of sun. Remember those old wooden poles with notches in the top to make the line hang higher? I miss those days!

  7. Hi Haworth,
    This is a lovely idea! Nothing smells as good as fresh laundry from the line!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Bella! I have my line up and will be putting a few pretty linens out on Thursday, before I go to work! take care