09 January 2012

Garden Sheds

There are the diminutive...

And there are the grand... (i.e., back where I come from, we call this a HOUSE)

And there are the the ones that double as a study, workroom or haven...

And finally, the just plain adorable...

But after several months of thinking I wanted an apple spring green garden shed,
I think I may have decided I really want a white one,
with just a few splashes of color here and there.
Red Windows and a Green Door?  Maybe....

There's no better passtime in January than looking forward
to the world being green again.


  1. I really love the shed with side porch and fountain, hey look windows on upper story....a loft for cats???

  2. Those garden sheds are lovely to gaze at. Especially the one with flowers blooming in front. I can't help but long for the summer.

  3. It is unfair for garden sheds to be typecast as storage room as it can be utilized as a work space, studio or children's playroom.

  4. Many of those are certainly lovely indeed! I too adore the one with the fountain in front. I'd love it as a crafting haven for me ;-)