23 February 2012

Shotgun House

"Shotgun House 1850-1910.  Found throughout New Orleans. Usually one-story, but many with second story set at rear of house (called camelback). Narrow rectangular structure raised on brick piers. Most have narrow front porch covered by a roof apron and supported by columns and brackets, often with lacey Victorian ornamentation. Predominant New Orleans house type. Wood exterior."

They could have just said CUTE.  


  1. They all looks so nice...but get real could any of our stuff fit in....I could use a shotgun house for storage..or better still a get a way house.

  2. I would love to try to pare down my life so I (and my stuff) could fit into one!

  3. I remember seeing some of these shotguns homes while in New Orleans for my nieces wedding some years back. They're really charming!


  4. I love to visit New Orleans. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks so much for coming by! I would love to be sitting on one of those porches right now...

  6. My Momma always said...they were called that because you could stand at the front door and fire shot gun out the back door!
    I love these examples... great photos.