17 October 2018

Well color me stupid...

Dearest friends and followers who have written to me here over the past year...

My goodness do I feel utterly stupid.. as in, if there was a village in need of an idiot, I would have a full time job.

When I didn’t see any comments to my last post (July 2017) I simply assumed no one was following my blog any longer and so I stopped posting. But I had completely forgotten that I have the comment function set up so I have to APPROVE them before they get published.... something I only just discovered today, to my chagrin! Chalk this up to my being too long away from blogging, I guess, and out of practice.

In any case... I am writing now to extend a belated but extremely heartfelt thank you to each of you for your lovely, caring comments on my last post. I shall endeavor to resume blogging, although I’m not certain as to how often this will be. (And when I do I promise to moderate the comment function!?)

Wishing each of you well and looking forward to reading your blogs again and contributing my own whimsical thoughts and observations here at Cottage Industry when I can.