22 November 2011

TO LET : One Faery House

Several years ago I put a 1950s metal doll house in the garden as an erstwhile Faery House. Occasionally I would put a votive light inside at twilight, so the children next door would see the windows glowing.  ("The Faeries Will See You Now")

Imagine my delight when I was in a gift shop last summer and saw a bonafide Faery House (albeit for the princely sum of $85) made of twigs, moss, leaves, a bark roof and tiny furniture. 

One even had miniscule BOOKS on a table and an artist's easel.  (Clearly this faery resident is a distant relative.)

And so as winter draws closer and the gardening books come off the shelves and notebooks are filled with clever plans for next year, I write MAKE A FAERY HOUSE at the very top of the list. 

With luck I can forage enough materials from my garden to construct something a mid-summer faery or two might deign to consider HOME.

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