10 January 2014

Winter knitting

Now that Christmas has passed, and winter is settling in around our shoulders, a more relaxed approach to my knitting projects has taken over.

Admittedly there is always the December crush for any knitter. Wanting to finish a sock so it can join its mate in a Christmas box destined for the Post Office. Making sure the fringe is on a scarf, or a hat has been properly blocked, before presenting it to someone as a gift.

But in January, once the faëry dust has settled, it's time to sink back into a comfortable chair—or the corner of the couch will do—and work on projects for fun. (Or simply "for your own amazement" as a friend used to say.)

A new pattern for a cowl. An untried lace chart. Socks with a type of yarn I've never used before.

This weekend I will sit, surrounded by an abundance of beautiful yarn... some my own, some a treasured gift from a generous loved one. I will get out my patterns and try to sort through the gorgeous pile, deciding which fibre is best for each project.

A lovely dilemma to have on a cold winter's day.


  1. Sounds so cozy for a weekend! I haven't pulled out the yarns and knitting needles yet. Too much else going on. But I know the impulse will get too strong at some point for me. I enjoyed perusung your books, seeing your snow, and hearing about the birds. I had no idea that birds ate rose hips! Have a great weekend!

  2. The birds love the Rose Hips, Jacqueline. They also like nibbling on the bittersweet berries that open in the fall. I've been working on several cowls and am finishing up a sock. It's lovely to knit at a more relaxed pace. I've also been reading the Tasha Tudor book and am enthralled! If you have a chance to pick up a copy, I think you would enjoy it.

  3. I bought the Tasha Tudor book on the recommendation of another American blogger and love it. I'm happily knitting away at a new pair of socks for myself, in case we too get snow instead of this endless rain.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying the Tudor book, too, Perpetua. I love all the beautiful photographs. Knitting socks is so comforting. I think it's my favorite task of all the knitting I do.

    1. Oh, mine too. I'm a sock-knitting addict:-)