28 January 2014

Found Objects No. 1b

I truly love Found Objects. Items that may have a particular function in everyday life but once they enter my home are transformed and used for something entirely different. Or they might be placed in the garden as artful whimsy.

Several years ago I came across what was left of a Fire Alarm box. The sort you see on school house walls.

At first I thought I might place it over my doorbell on the outside of the house.  But since my doorbell doesn't work, that didn't seem to make sense.

After roaming through the cottage with it, I finally decided to hang it in the kitchen. That was when I discovered a piece of metal in the hole at the top which I simply couldn't remove, try as I may.

I asked for help from a neighbor and when the Fire Alarm case was returned to me, it arrived with a lagniappe as they say in New Orleans.... a little something extra. 

Their cat is one of my favorite garden visitors,
and now she holds pride of place on the kitchen wall.

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