07 January 2014

A Winter's Tale

It began in the night...

...a gentle snow that draped each nook, flower and leaf
in an icy coating of white.

By morning, a soft blanket encased even the berries on the door.
A garden trough was frozen.
The birdbath was a transluscent sphere. 
 Snow shrouded each log on the woodpile.
 The garden gate was draped in frothy mounds.
Hoarfrost embraced the front garden.

The hemlock branches bowed low under their icy burden.

Andromeda leaves bore a pristine crystal mantle.
Yew branches stood at attention, frozen in time.
Feline guests came to the door on frosty paws.

The Scare Lady had a dusting of icing sugar on each sleeve.
Garden shed windows sported wind-swept drifts of frost flowers on each pane.

And behind closed doors, the tea kettle steamed.


  1. Winter arrived here too, but no one was brave enough to go out to photograph. I hope the cat's owner retrieved that cat, it looked very cold.

  2. I'm surprised my camera didn't shatter in the cold! (And that neighborly cat really should have knocked... I would have let her in!)