15 January 2014

Damp Around the Edges

The past three days have been lovely for being so mild. Thick warm fog in the morning, spiraling around the garden like ghosts. A soft persistent mist in the air as I make my way along the quiet streets. Temperatures soaring to fifty degrees during the day. Relatively warm nights where the furnace never clicks on.

Even as yesterday dissolved into a drenching rain the weather was balmy, although the temperate climate didn't make the journey homeward any less daunting.

Warm or not, I was soaked by the time I walked through my cottage door, not only from the driving rain which found its way under my umbrella from every angle but also from the rushing water I had to cross at each street corner. 

(I'd love to report that I was as graceful as a doe, leaping daintily over a woodland freshet, but it was really more like the hippopotamus sequence in Fantasia as I launched myself unceremoniously over the two-foot waterways that blocked my progress.)

I fortified my waning spirits by murmuring, "At least it's not snow" over and over again, walking down the center hump of my road where it was less likely to pool with water. Within twenty minutes of being home I was swathed in flannel, shawls and bedsocks, sipping a cup of cinnamon-laced coffee and scouting out various posts, hooks, and doorknobs to hang my soaked hat, gloves, scarf, coat, socks, shoes and dress. (My penchant for wearing long clothing can be a real hindrance in inclement weather...)

This morning, another mild day dawned.  "The January Thaw" is what it's called in these parts and I couldn't be happier. But in our hearts we all know what waits for us around the corner.

They're predicting nightly temperatures in the teens for next week, and a few snow showers on Saturday. Not much, but enough to make one sigh a bit and long for the first primrose.

Carry on.


  1. Mild and damp over here, too, after yet another heavy spell of rain. A you say, at least it's not snow, but one can get very tired of rain.

    1. Ah! but today it WILL be snow.... and lots of it. We are officially under a "winter snow warning" for tonight. Hoping I can spend most of tomorrow indoors by the fire.