12 January 2014

And a Partridge.... in a Mulberry Tree

The recent ice storms were brutal throughout Maine.
Along the coast, where a family member lives, people were without power for days.
But this plump Partridge and its mate greeted him one morning,
seated in an icebound Mulberry tree that resembled a glass birdcage. 


  1. I have a partridge ( quail ) weathervane. I would surely love to see a real one some day. Your brother was indeed lucky to see this one.

  2. I have never seen one "in person" before. I was surprised at how chubby they are, and I also didn't realize they were so big.... he said they're around 10"-12" from head to tail!

  3. What a beautiful photo, I have never seen one either! I am glad to see the storms warming for you, I am sure the clean up will be long, we had ice storms two years ago, they are amazing beautiful and so brutal...

    1. Mercifully, Bella, the storm in southern New England brought only snow and that has vanished with warmer weather and heavy rains yesterday. But the ice was terrible further north and I think they are still struggling with it. Oh, but it is pretty, isn't it? Despite how destructive it is. Thanks for stopping by!