06 January 2014

Guardian of the Winter Garden

A week or so ago I was surveying the grey, crumpled flower beds
at the front of the cottage, mourning the loss of color.
I decided that my "Scare Lady" needed a winter cloak
and a bit of scarlet as she watches over the winter garden.

Throughout the summer, she is outfitted in pristine white...
a very plain girl with just a few Morning Glory vines
to embellish her hat and smock.

(She insists the blossoms bring out the blue of her eyes...)

When Autumn arrives she is wrapped in a burlap cape,
with a rose hip bouquet and a few seed heads here and there,
blending quietly into the dun landscape.

But now, with the snow falling she has a bit more color,
a dash of red and green,
to brighten the deep snow-heavy days. 


  1. Your place was wonderfully cozy for the holidays! The colored lights on the tree took me back a ways. I have used white lights for the longest time. I hope the weather isn't punishing you too much. Happy New Year!

  2. It was very cozy, Jacqueline, and I will be sad to take it all down. But with the turn of the year it's time to be a bit more spare. (Or as spare as I get in my cluttered cottage!) The snow was lovely ('dark and deep...') and it was nice to be home-bound for four days. Today it is 50 degrees, foggy and rainy! Good old, New England... Happy New Year to you, too!