09 January 2014


The birds have been chittering away like magpies for days in the front garden. They must know my so-called "Scare Lady" is there for whimsy's sake and not to frighten them away. Or perhaps they simply think it's me? In any case, it never deters them from nesting, chirping, perching on seed heads or resting on the hemlock branches over her head. 

Their favorite spot is in amongst the rose hedge branches, where ample, plump rosehips await them. Throughout the summer I trim the hedge back now and then, to promote more blossoms and keep things under control... or as under control as my gardens tends to be, which is not very. But as Autumn approaches I leave the last hips for the birds, to nibble throughout the winter. 

The brittle air has turned the hips a beautiful cranberry red,
and the birds are loving this rosy feast.

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