24 January 2014

Sticks and String

When it comes to reading or knitting, I tend to get on a jag where I just can't stop. As fast as I read one book, another is in my hands, being devoured. And as quickly as I complete one knitted project, I'm searching my stash for just the right yarn to start another. I stay up late, I wake early, I read or knit on the bus or trolley, I read or knit on my lap whilst trying to work.

This past weekend found me caught up in a one-woman knitting marathon. Normally when this happens I concentrate on one article:  socks, scarves, muffetees, mittens.  This time I was obsessed with knitting COWLS.

And when I use the word obsessed I do so without resorting to exaggeration.
How else to explain why I've been indulging two practices I normally try to avoid:
reading charts and using circular needles? 

For whatever reason, the pattern I've been using has made both seem quite easy,
even enjoyable, and the result—six cowls and counting—borders on compulsive.

One is made with an exquisite NORO yarn...
my first experience with this wonderful fibre.

The others were made from balls of beautiful wool yarn in different colors...

...dark brown, charcoal, burgundy,
dusty blue (not shown) and a multi-blue/aqua/green (also not shown).

I think I may be finished with Cowls, at least for the time being. 
Perhaps I'll start knitting socks again this weekend....
or reading the seven books I received at Christmas.

Carry on.


  1. SIX of anything in one weekend just amazes me! Those are such beautiful cowls and as I love knitting on circular needles I'd better find a good cowl pattern. :-)

    1. You can find wonderful patterns on ravelry.com, Perpetua. A link to the site is on the left side of my blog. You have to register but it only asks for a name and password, nothing more. There are many wonderful free patterns there.