01 February 2013

Favorite Thing No. 36g (for Garden)

It's no secret that one of my favorite things is my garden. 

I take such pleasure in waiting for it all Winter,

 in cleaning and tidying it in the Spring,

in tending it (and relaxing in it!) all Summer,

 and in putting it to bed in Autumn. 

Often there are visitors.

Sometimes they come to see me.

But most of the time they come to try the Catmint.

It's always exciting to watch things grow and climb.

By day there is always so much color.

By night, the faeries come out of their house to play.

If you come down the path on a summer's day
 and knock at the door and there's no answer....

 ...you'll know where I am.

Knock on Claudia's door and join the party


  1. I love the little looks into your garden and hope to see more of it come spring. Just charming!

  2. I share the love of gardening and of faeries.
    Magical thing happen in the garden.
    Smiles, Dottie

  3. What a fun, magical post....I warmed up about 20 degrees just looking at your pics! :)

  4. Your garden is beautiful!! What a treat to see on a cold blustery day! I love your blue door, it's such a bright spot and so perfect for your cottage.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment! :)


  5. What lovely pictures! And what a sensational door! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way!

  6. Oh what a lovely walk! I enjoyed it very much!

  7. What a beautiful garden! I'd be there all the time too -- not gardening exactly, but sitting and drinking it all in...
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my favorite thing -- hope you'll drop by again!

  8. Very pretty post. I would always welcome the feline visitor. Deb

  9. I'm dreaming of my summer garden too. Have a nice week. Regula

  10. I love piddling in my little gardens. Yours are just beautiful.