07 February 2013

Finding Nemo

Two storms converging over New England
Here on the coast they're saying we could get anywhere from 18 inches to 2 feet of snow over a period of 31 hours.  Considering the last few snowfalls could be brushed away with a broom, and were usually melted after an hour of sunlight, this is going to be a shock to a New England mindset  that has been numbed by global warming and uncharacteristically mild weather for the past two winters. 

And so the rush for "bread and milk" is on at all the stores and people have already signed out vacation time so they can stay home during the 2-inches-per-hour snowfall and hurricane force gusts. 

There is a BLIZZARD WATCH from 7am Friday until 4pm Saturday and the meteorologists are bandying about terms like "historic", "crippling", and "severe", and likening it to the "Blizzard of '78".  Power outages are likely along with limited visibility, or "whiteouts". 

Further along the coast ('Down East') they could get as much as 3 feet of snow, while further inland 12-18 inches is being predicted.

As for me, I am optimistically hoping for the best of both worlds:  a big enough storm to appeal to the child in me who wants to be snowbound for a few days, but not so terrible as to cause any real damage and throw my homeowner anxiety into overdrive. 

For now, my emergency list looks something like this:
  • Knitting needles.  Check
  • Yarn. Check
  • Books. Check
  • Tea. Check
  • Milk. Check
  • Firewood. Check
  • Batteries. Check
  • Candles. Check

Judging from this latest satellite photo,
we won't have to search for Nemo.  He will find us.

Be careful out there.


  1. Looking at your list . . . glad to see you have your priorities straight! *smile* I'm hoping the same things you are! Stay safe and snug!