25 February 2013

Snow Fact No. 24d

Thank heavens the Atlantic coast did what she does best and turned most if not all of this weekend's predicted snowfall into rain. In doing so, she averted the 6+ inches we were meant to receive, and also removed quite a bit of what was left from previous storms. That's the good news.  The bad new is that as innocent as the sugar-dusting of snow may have looked this morning, there was Narnian-like witchcraft afoot (quite literally!) and what seemed innocuous and picturesque was really a treacherous sheet of ice. After an aborted attempt to leave the house (which resulted in an embarrassing interpretive dance in the middle of my driveway) I remembered my fall-back plan.



In the absence of Sherpa DNA, either of these run a close second.
Highly recommended for navigating black ice that is
cleverly masked by a morning coating of alleged snow.*

* Best if donned before you leave the house, to avoid false starts and discomposure


  1. Those boots look pretty wicked themselves! i just finished reading your last post and I'm exhausted at ten a.m.! I hope you get a break soon!

  2. I would kill for those boots. Alas! they are the advertisement for those wonderful ice-grabbers. I have both kinds (the Yaktrax and the Stabilicers) and actually prefer the Yaktrax. A word to the wise: never enter a building wearing these and expect to stay upright on anything other than carpeting. I learned this by skating right across a tiled lobby once and nearly landing on my backside.

  3. Aren't those cool! What clever ideas for having to deal with ice. I am always so careful walking across the icy driveway. Treacherous!