24 August 2012

Nomad siblings.... Sibella and Chris Court

'Despite being born in idyllic Sydney, Sibella's gypsy soul had her travelling the world
searching for beautiful and unusual things to discover, from a very early age.'

 'Describing herself as a ‘bowerbird’ and collector, Sibella works with Anthropologie USA, travelling on their inspiration trips and designing product ranges. Sibella continues her nomadic ways by travelling regularly around the globe seeking inspiration for her styling and writing.'

'Chris's passion for photography began in his early teenage years
when his mother (with great foresight) sent him off, with his 2 sisters and brother,
to photography courses every school holiday.'

'The darkroom is an intriguing and amazing place for nurturing creativity.'

 'After completing a BA Chris entered the commercial photography industry.'

 'Sibella is a best selling author of the highly awarded styling books “Etcetera etc”, "Nomad", and "The Stylist’s Guide to New York".  Her next book "Bowerbird" is due for release in October and is all about collections and how to display them.'

  'Chris has photographed 3 books with sister Sibella.'

Etcetera etc.....  Nomad.....  

...... and Bowerbird 

[Text from Sibella and Chris Court's official bios. Photos by Chris Court.]


  1. Impressive duo, eh? I have "etcetera', and sent the Stylist's Guide to my artist son in New Haven CT after looking it over. (He is an assistant archivist at the British Museum at Yale.) We have to try to get to a few places listed. I didn't know of Bowerbird. Probably fantastic. We love cabinets of curiosity too.

  2. I knew if anyone had heard of them it would be you, Jacqueline! I'm a new convert but I love what I see here. I appreciate her ethos: "A global approach to interior style" as it's so like the Colonial style I love. Take care and thanks for stopping by!