31 August 2012

Favorite Thing No. 71

There used to be a weaving shop up the road where you could watch the proprietors at their looms. On any given day they were either teaching their students how to weave, or working on their own projects.  There were beautiful rugs, mats, towelling and scarves for sale.  And there were also dolls. Unique, charming, love-starved dolls, made of scrap materials, with yarn hair and satin faces. Each doll came with a name, bestowed upon her by her maker.  (And like ships, I think it may be bad luck to change the given name of a doll.)

After lusting after these dolls for months I finally bought one. Her name is BOP and since arriving at the house she has demonstrated a magpie-like tendency for acquiring things that don't belong to her.  Heart-shaped sunglasses, a concertina, and several strands of mardi gras beads.  The second doll was a gift.  Her name is Bokoo and has a haircut very like mine. The third doll, also a gift, came to me during a long illness, and is called Sweet P. Over time she, too, has helped herself to a gold turban, a rosary, and a red-foil Chocolate Kiss brooch.  (I think she has some voodoo hoodoo going on.)  

Bop is the larger—and bossier—of the three. In fact a friend of mine complains that she has way too many privileges.  That may be true but ... there you are.

 Sweet P, Bop, and Bokoo


  1. Stopping by from MHC to view the Favorite Thing, sugar. I just want to support Claudia in her first endeavor. I have so many favorite things I don't know what to post but you can just go to my blog and see if you want. Nice meeting you.

  2. Very special dolls, love your collection. There's a bossy woman in every group, don't you think? I'm it in my house ;)

  3. Saw your post at Mockingbird Hill Cottage this evening, love your dolly story. Following.

  4. I love your dolls. They are so unique! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Linda

  5. How charming! I made a sock doll for my daughter (25 years ago) similar to these. She lost it on one of our travels after having it for some time. Not long after we found a very worn lost bunny that had been dropped in the dust at the local hot air balloon fiesta, and we adopted it. We hoped someone had done the same for our Hobby.

  6. I love the unique personalities of your love starved dolls. I can totally understand why they are among your favorite things. Sad to hear that the weaving shop is a used to be shop. I have a sudden urge to create a doll now.
    Good to meet you. What is your name, anyway?

  7. I love these dolls! You know I love things with a story and the story behind Bop is lovely. Likewise Sweet P and Bokoo. Their magpie-like tendencies pay off, don't they? They look beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in on the party.

    I notice in the sidebar that my blog hasn't updated since it moved. You might want to edit your blog roll and redo the link.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. I LOVE these! Ya gotta watch'em they are sneaky!LOL! Here from Mockingbird Hill
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Gostaria muito de ter bonecas como as suas. Parecem ter forte personalidade e serem boas companheiras.

  10. These girls really have it going on! ~ Maureen

  11. Thank you to everyone who came by to meet the girls and leave a comment. They are a handful but very entertaining!

  12. Love this post, heart tugging, lyrical and charming! Thank you for introducing us to your dear Bop and friends.