07 August 2012

Life has loveliness to sell,
All beautiful and splendid things.
— Sara Teasdale 
I was thinking this morning of some of the 'beautiful and splendid' items I've received from friends and family over the past summer months... some were the result of their "cleaning out" frenzies, some were hostess or thank you gifts, and some were simply rooted in the random but heartfelt generosity that seems to surround me at every turn.
  • A four-leafed clover, tucked into a note that found its way through the post 
  • An enormous bag of oatmeal colored Wool-Ease yarn (I can hear the pitter patter of sock feet in my future)
  • A bright red button that says "KEEP CALM AND CARRY YARN"
  • An antique Black Currant Pastille tin
  • A huge white canvas beach bag with a drawstring and pale blue strap handles 
  • "If Walls Could Talk: An intimate history of the home" (I can't wait to start reading this!)
  • A lovely cherry tomato plant (already potted, thriving, and ready to watch grow)
  • A hand-me-down (albeit NEVER worn) fawn-colored suede vest from J. Peterman (Be still my heart) 
  • A bouquet of cutting flowers including flag iris, peonies, and snap dragons
  • "Just My Type: A book about fonts" (Don't laught... fonts are powerful things and it's utterly fascinating) 
  • A miniature bee skep for my garden
  • A bouquet of pink and white tulips  
  • A white button with red letters that says "I'm patient BECAUSE I knit"
  • A pot of bright red Bee Balm (with an errant Columbine tucked at its feet) 
  • A home decorating book by Laura Ashley
  • A plastic carry bag with silver zebra stripes (!)
  •  A tea towel commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 
It's good to think back now and then on all the lovely things that pass from loved ones' hands into mine. And to remember to be grateful... not for the things themselves, although I certainly am, but for the kindness invested in them.

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