09 August 2012

If it's August it must be... Susan

Every August, Susan arrives at my cottage—with various friends and family—and sort of takes over for the next month, albeit in the nicest way.  She's quite a colorful character, unceasingly cheerful and completely "low maintenance"—in short, the perfect guest! Indeed, ever since we met nearly 12 years ago I've always looked forward to her stay here each year.

I think Susan delights in being here as well and always seems to enjoy the time she gets to spend outside in the gardens. She's quite a peripatetic guest in that regard and on any given day I can find her standing in the rear garden or perhaps in the front gardens, or just wandering down the side of the house where the patio is.  (I've even found her standing by the curb some mornings!) But she likes being inside as well it's always nice to spend time with her in the parlor, kitchen or verandah.

My neighbors have come to anticipate her arrival each year and I'm always happy to bring her over to their homes, knowing that she'll brighten up their time with her.  Sometimes when family or friends visit, I offer to send her back with them for a brief visit since, after all, it seems selfish to keep her to myself for nearly six weeks! 

Yes.... Susan arrives each August, bringing happiness, color and cheer. 
And while having someone stay for that long might seem tedious, 
I'm always sorry to see her go.  


  1. So glad you are back.....I was concerned....I hope you enjoyed you time away... who does not love a small vase of yellow sunshine??? I know I always do. I think little vase of flowers are my favorite...in fact a sweet neighbor brought a small bouquet over last night...

  2. Oh dear, I realize now I should have posted something about not being able to post here for two months. As time allows I've been looking over all the lovely words and images that were posted on my favorite blogs this summer. Hoping to be entirely caught up soon! ("Vase of yellow sunshine" is exactly what those Black Eyed Susans are!)

  3. Hello there Susan so nice to meet you:)

    Love your sweet humor in this post. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. I hope your weekend was lovely, too, Abby. If you lived nearby I could share some 'Susans' with you. (There are so many!)