26 January 2012

Random Things No. 41

I was thinking yesterday about all the random items in life that I am attracted to, and as the list grew longer and longer in my [alleged] mind, I decided to set it down. No doubt the list will change over time, but that is, after all, how life should be—ever shifting and teetering under the influence of discovery.  For now, these are the random things I like, in no particular order. 

  • wicker laundry baskets
  • old seltzer bottles
  • galvanized buckets, including those french flower buckets
  • clay flower pots
  • clothes pins
  • vintage hankies
  • glass sun catchers in bright windows
  • black and white checkerboard tile floors
  • shawls
  • old leather-bound books
  • paper hand-held fans
  • old wire baskets
  • black and white photographs
  • bowls of fruit
  • old mason jars with wire lid holders
  • pressed glass tumblers
  • flower seed packets 
  • sparrows
  • new pads of paper
  • new pens
  • old skeleton keys
  • paper doilies
  • skeins of yarn
  • bakelite knitting needles
  • red Twizzlers
  • hats
  • letter openers

What random things do you like? What items, when you see them, make you smile inside?  

Over and out.

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  1. I like your list! I'll have to sit down and write one, too.


  2. If my list gets any longer I'm going to trip over it!