31 January 2012

M'Lady, Your Carriage Awaits

Well, as Shirley Temple used to say:  'Oh. My. Goodness!'
Oh, the adventures I would have had and the places I would have gone
had this been mine when I was a little girl.
But this isn't a toy.  Oh no, this incredible piece of magical whimsy is a B-E-D! 

Here is the manufacturer's description:
The wheels of this carriage are solid cherry with white oak inserts that are spring loaded into their seats to form a heart shape. Each wheel features one hundred individual pieces of wood, contributing to the intricate design. The solid cherry quarter panels that define the contours of the pumpkin’s shape are fashioned from ¼” x ¾” rippings. Each piece has been hand tapered, beveled, and bent to create the desired shape and fit tightly together. The finished product has the natural beauty of varnished solid cherry but the delicately thin contoured panels have the durability of a boat hull. 
The carriage is draped with a petal-like canopy made in the likeness of a flower. 
All interior upholstery and drapery are made of 100% silk. 
Shipping charges are based on delivery location, as the artisan will deliver and assemble it himself. 
This item is custom made especically for you upon order and cannot be returned. 
I guess pretending my old blue tricycle was a carriage (or a horse, or a motorcycle, or a sports car) made fiscal sense. In fact, when it comes right down to it, despite being overwhelmed by this carriage's beauty, I really wouldn't change the manner in which my childhood imagination was developed .. not for all the fairy coaches in the world.

(But it would have been fun to climb into it... just once.)


  1. Yes, this would have been fun even if just once. What an amazing piece of furniture!

  2. Isn't it incredible? It looks more like a ride in a fantasy park than a bed! Wondering if anyone has ever bought one...