24 January 2012

Things That Matter, Part II

So here's this week's list of things that truly matter.
  • the anticipatory way the house feels, stripped of Christmas decorations and waiting for Spring
  • getting to see my daughter last weekend
  • the way the snow coated the trellises, gates, fencing and tree branches on Saturday
  • how the firelight felt on my face as snow crystals whirled around the cottage
  • watching sparrows, house wrens and chickadees flock to the feeders each morning
  • watching squirrels and Mourning Doves share in the overflow of seed that falls to the ground
  • the way the rain and mist melted most of the snow away last night
  • how mild and sea-scented the air was at dawn this morning
  • writing letters to far away loved ones and getting letters back 
  • knowing that without words, without even seeing each other that often, friends are always close and caring
Carry on.


  1. Such a great post. I love the idea of listing what your grateful for each day.


    P.S. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment...so nice of you.

  2. Your site is lovely, Abby, and it was a real pleasure to find it! Thanks so much for your thoughts. I think it's good, every now and then, to brush our petty worries aside and remind ourselves of what truly matters in life.