01 March 2011

Well, that explains that

Alison Kraus and Union Station.  Not just country. Not just Bluegrass. Something else. That same ‘something’ that struck me when I first heard the music from Cold Mountain and Songcatcher. Something basic, original, hearkening back to another time, an isolated time.  The isolation that makes you unselfconscious about pouring your heart out.

And then lo and behold. I learn that Alison Kraus sang “My ain true love” on the Cold Mountain soundtrack. Well, I guess it all makes sense now.

She started playing fiddle at the age of five and her first album was released when she was 16. In addition to the songs she sang for Cold Mountain she also sang “What’ll I Do” for Mona Lisa Smile, three songs for O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and performed on the soundtracks for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, and the award winning documentary Down From the Mountain.

'Atta girl.

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