30 March 2011

Knitting in the Library

"Would you like to knit with me in the library during lunch?"

And so we did,  setting up our projects on the table by a window, peering out now and then at the Hemlocks nodding in the late March breeze.  (But not too often, as stitches have a nasty habit of skidding surreptitiously off my needles when I look away, even for a moment.)  We stopped occasionally to sip coffee, or to talk about our other projects, or commiserate about our heart-breaking failures.  (Like the sweater I need to rip apart because it "grew" and is now big enough for a family of three.) But mostly we just sat and plied the yarn over and under our needles.  She was working on a beautiful lavender wool-cotton blend sweater, while I plugged away on a pair of lavender-yellow-pink socks.  It was quiet as we worked (well, it is a library, after all) and very restful.  I managed to finish 2 inches of the cuff on one sock.  And I also managed to feel entirely relaxed as I packed up and walked back down the hall to my office.

[insert contented sigh . . .  right here . . ]

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