22 February 2011

What I've learned

Don't regret anything. Everything happens for a reason and there can be beautiful hidden rewards. 

Be kind. It takes less effort than being mean, it's good for your soul, and it's the right thing to do.

Learn to express yourself: your talents, your emotions, your opinions. Find your unique voice and use it to leave your mark on the world and on the hearts and minds of the people you meet. 

Be open to all of life's possibilities. It's arrogant to think we know everything about the "unknown, unexpected and unseen". Having a closed mind just might deprive you of the experience of a lifetime.

Be whimsical. Serious people are a dime a dozen. It takes a special kind of person to recognize the importance of frivolity.

Talk to animals. You'll never feel so close to God or Nature as when you sit quietly in a garden or a park and actually lock eyes with a sparrow or murmur something silly to a squirrel. 

Ride a Merry Go Round at least once every summer if you can. Forget the 'Tower of Terror' or 'Rocket of Doom'. Get on an old wooden horse, grab at the brass ring and remember how it felt to be 6 years old again.

Read as much as you can get your hands on. 

Travel unexpectedly. Don't plan every moment. Walk down a street or alleyway that's not on the tour. 

Remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the trip, and make it enjoyable for others. Because despite what you think, no one travels alone.

Keep a journal. One that no one ever sees but you. Write as sporadically or regularly as you want, but be honest.

Never think for a moment that you're finished growing up. The day you wake up and don't feel a little uncertain about life, or don't learn something, is the day you've died inside.

Don't be afraid to cry.

Laugh often. Find the humor in things.  Irreverence is sometimes the only saving grace in tragedy.

Defy any convention that doesn't reflect who you are or what you feel. Be yourself. It's a tough act to follow.

Don't be a slave to money. Use it to survive and use it improve your life. And if there's not enough to do both, use it to improve your life.

One word: Karma. It really does all come back at you. And anyway, why be unpleasant? 

Learn how to say no.

Learn how to say yes.

Learn how to say I'm sorry.

Be clean. Your house and your body should always be ready for company. 

Always keep a chilled bottle of champagne on hand. And when you open it, replace it. (Notice I said when, not if.)

Don't concern yourself with fads. Wear clothes that make you feel at home with yourself. The self-confidence you'll exude will make you look years younger and twice as beautiful as any fashion slave.

Treat guests like family, and family like company, so your guests feel at home and your loved ones feel special.

Don't be afraid to take chances. "If only.." are the two saddest words to murmur on your deathbed.

When it comes to love, more is seldom enough.

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