22 February 2011

A stitch in time

Knitting, Sewing and Crocheting projects at the moment: 

- Civil War era bed socks in a lovely olive green color, which now that I think of it actually makes them look vaguely WWI era...  

- Crocheted bookmarks with Hunca Munca-sized thread that's nearly causing blindness but comes in the most beautiful shades of taupe, seafoam green, ivory, and Wedgewood blue.

- A plaid tea cosy lined with quilting and an underside that's black with small white polka dots. Depending on my sewing skills it may be reversible. We'll see about that. 

- An entrelac scarf using the most wondrous Candide claret-tweed wool. (This one's for me.)

- Multi-colored socks in shades of lavender, grey, and yellow. [Ed. note. These were supposed to be an Easter present last year, and then a mid-summer birthday gift, and then a Christmas present. The good news is, Easter is coming around again in 8 weeks.]

- A gray wool scarf with a very thin pink metallic thread running through it. (Did I mention it was very thin??)   I've only done one row so it remains to be seen if I have the patience for this one.

- A test run at knitting Frost Flowers.  (Please keep my room at the Asylum aired out.)

Well, that should keep me quiet throughout the rest of this winter.


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