04 April 2014

The Lure of a Cottage

There were several things that won me over when I first looked at my little cottage.

One of them was certainly the black-and-white 1930s bathroom.
I fell in love with the large set in tub, the pedestal sink,
the vintage etched glass medicine cabinet,
and the step-up shower on the other side of the room
with its old-fashioned ripple-glass door.

Another aspect of the cottage that wooed me was the 'verandah'.
I call it a verandah but it's more like an old porch you find on a beach house.
It didn't have an exterior door, which I liked,
and you entered it through french doors from the dining room.

I immediately envisioned this little oasis filled with green plantlife
and white chipped wicker furniture.
It had enormous screens on three sides, offering a perfect view
of the rear gardens I was already planting in my mind.

I knew that once the fair weather arrived each year,
it would become my official thinking post.
A place to stand first thing in the morning to watch the birds,
a place to sit at at mid-day with lunch or a cup of tea,
and a place to curl up at night to listen to the crickets.

Even on chilly days, I could picture myself wearing a shawl or sweater
and taking my tea out there, just to feel nearer to my imaginary gardens.

And then there was the fireplace. Enough said.
It had a lovely mantle I could use to display family treasures,
and a hearth where I could enjoy fires in the autumn, winter, or early spring.
It would, literally and figuratively, become the heart of the house.

And perhaps at no time during the year is a fireplace more useful
- or more iconic - than at Christmas time.

 I would certainly put it to good use during the holidays,
with boughs of holly and festive candles.

 There were other things I loved about the cottage, of course.
A kitchen that reminded me of the one I adored in the film Green Card. 
A laundry chute with tiny doors in the upstairs hallway and the kitchen.

An ironing board that pulled down out of the wall in the kitchen.
A narrow pantry cupboard with lots of shelves.

Interior shutters throughout the house: on the side-lights by the front door,
on the windows on either side of the fireplace, and on the stair landing.
 But it was the bathroom, the porch, and the fireplace that sealed the deal.  
Odd things, perhaps, to inspire someone to buy a cottage,
but there you are.


  1. I would have fallen in love with your cottage too Rowan - it is perfect.
    The fire place and mantle alone would have been enough for me - the rest is a bonus.
    Since I married we haven't had a fire place and now it's No 1 on my list for the next (and last) time we move.
    I grew up sitting around the fire place - what happy memories!
    I love your verandah room too and like you, I would spend most of my time there in Summer. With a view of the garden and bird song to listen to, it doesn't get much better than that!

    Thank you for all your lovely visits and comments - I'm so grateful!

    1. It's funny the things that are important to us, Shane, isn't it? I sometimes think I could actually live in one large room if it had a fireplace and a door that led to a small porch! Thank you so much for visiting. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  2. I can quite see why you fell in love with your cottage. It would have been the interior shutters that decided things for me.

    1. Those shutters are so handy, Perpetua, either to keep out the cold in winter, or to block the sun on hot summer days... or to let the light in on chilly days in spring and autumn. And when my grandchildren visit, they love to say "Goodnight" to the house by shutting them at night, and "Good Morning" by opening them when they wake up. Hoping you're having a lovely spring.

  3. Oh what a lovely blog! Be still my heart! Living in a cottage. My dream. :-)

    Oh thank you for these peeks into your delightful cottage. I'll certainly be coming back again. So glad I happened to find you.

    Gentle hugs,
    (Upper NYS)

    1. Thank you so much for 'finding' me, Tessa. I do love my little cottage. It was a dream come true to have it and I've spent 21 years filling it with precious 'stuff'!