20 April 2014

The Invitation

I leave this notice on my door
For each accustom’d visitor:—

‘I am gone into the fields
To take what this sweet hour yields.'

Radiant Sister of the Day,
Awake! arise! and come away!
Where the lawns and pastures be,
And the sandhills of the sea;
Where the melting hoar-frost wets
The daisy-star that never sets,
And wind-flowers, and violets
Which yet join not scent to hue,
Crown the pale year weak and new;
When the night is left behind
In the deep east, dun and blind,
And the blue noon is over us,
And the multitudinous
Billows murmur at our feet
Where the earth and ocean meet,
And all things seem only one
In the universal sun.

— Percy Bysshe Shelley


I am from God and shall return to God.
The loving God will grant me a little light,
Which will light me into that eternal blissful life.
—from Des Knaben Wunderhorn


  1. Happy day to you...

    Love the Shelley quote....

    1. And to you, Tessa. I hope you had a lovely Easter! I do love Shelley. He makes me sigh.

  2. A very happy Easter to you too, Haworth.

    1. I hope you had a beautiful Easter, Perpetua! Thank you for stopping by.