26 September 2013

The Cup is Home.. again

The ORACLE team USA has won the 34th America's Cup.
This is the 30th time the United States has won the America's Cup
in the race's 152 year history.

 The first Cup winner — 'America' — during the first race
which took place off the Isle of Wight with the Royal Family in attendance.

As the schooner, named America, passed the Royal Yacht in first position, and saluted by dipping its ensign three times, Queen Victoria asked one of her attendants to tell her who was in second place.”Your Majesty, there is no second,” came the reply. That phrase, just four words, is still the best description of the America’s Cup, and how it represents the singular pursuit of excellence.

The trophy would go to the young democracy of the United States and it would be well over 100 years before it was taken away from New York. Shortly after America won the 100 Guinea Cup in 1851, New York Yacht Club Commodore John Cox Stevens and the rest of his ownership syndicate sold the celebrated schooner and returned home to New York as heroes. They donated the trophy to the New York Yacht Club under a Deed of Gift, which stated that the trophy was to be “a perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations.”  Thus was born the America’s Cup,
named after the winning schooner 'America'.
— America's Cup history [americascup.com] 
In 1930, the race was moved from the waters of New York to the New England coast,
where it continued to be held until 1983. It has since been held off the coasts of
Australia, San Diego New Zealand, Spain, and San Francisco.
New Englanders hope the race will return one day.
But for now? It's good to have the cup. Again.


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