03 September 2013

Be still my heart...

The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits
Twenty-six knitting patterns inspired by the lavish sets and styling
of the hugely popular television series:

Indulge in luxury with these patterns fit for any aristocrat. Beautiful lace detailing, beaded embellishments, and classic colorwork mark these elegant garments and accessories. From airy shawls and blouses, to warm coats and gloves, you will feel like royalty with these knits.

These patterns reflect the more reserved of Downton Abbey. While the details are more subtle, they are just as engaging as the Upstairs patterns. From cable work to eyelet lace, the vests, hats, blouses, and jackets found in this section are casual yet sophisticated.

World War I:
Knitting was a huge part of war-time history, whether it was women knitting for the troops or knitting to occupy time while they waited for their soldiers to return home. Knit up a hot-water bottle cover that troops would have used or create a "V is for Victory" vest.

 Text and images from INTERWEAVE PRESS


  1. Sweet! But you know the pattern I really want? It's the grey shawl that Jane Eyre wears in the UK 2011 film with Mia Wasikowska. Did you see it? It looks like it was made for the film rather than an old shawl. A garter stitched body with a small ruffled edge. Gorgeous!

  2. Yes! that Jane Eyre shawl is wonderful and there IS a pattern for it which I've just sent to your email. I also own a pattern for a shawl that belonged to Charlotte Bronte ("The Bronte Shawl") which is just so lovely. I bought the pattern in Haworth when I visited the Parsonage and will scan it for you and send it along.