18 September 2013

She returned with gusto

Susan, that is.  

Once again she graced the gardens with exuberance and much-needed color
at that point in the late summer when you fear the best of the season has passed. 

It's always amazing to see where she's extended her tenancy. 

Invariably I find clumps where there were none the previous year.

Throughout her stay I always have a small bouquet in the kitchen and another in the dining room. 

What unbridled optimism there is in a small bunch of her flowers.

But now even Susan is on her way out...

... I can always tell when her days are numbered because her stems and leaves start to have that wonderful pipe tobacco scent that fills the air as I walk past at night.

Scent, color, cheer.... she brings all three and what's not to love about that?


  1. I'm in the midst of planning my garden for next Autumn.
    As I'm in the Southern Hemisphere that will be in March/April next year!
    I've not grown Black Eyed Susan before but after seeing this gorgeous display in your garden I'm determined to.
    I love the way it spills over the path!
    I did a brief interior design course about 30 years ago and one thing I learnt was every room should have a little yellow - be it a bowl of flowers or in a cushion or a piece of art!!
    It's a sun shiny color so makes me feel happy!

    A lovely post for me to read on a Friday!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Shane! The proper name for these lovelies is Rudbeckia. They're very hearty, don't mind being transplanted, and they last for weeks and weeks in the garden. They do require a lot of water once you pick them so if you keep them in the house you have to top off their water nearly every day. Wishing you the best with your garden plans! Have a lovely weekend.