21 October 2012

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

During the month of October the Dalai Lama has been touring New England, speaking to enormous crowds in Vermont, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  His message of peace, ethics, healing, happiness, and compassion comes at a time when these attributes seem sorely needed in the world. And not only in the wider global community, but in our own personal communities. Indeed, lacking even in our own interior lives sometimes.

I was blessed to be one of the thousands to hear him speak on this tour.  Simply being in his presence was a gift beyond measure. He is a beatific entity, and yet so grounded to the earth with his warmth and mirth.  The sound of his voice, the message of contentment in his words that passed through his heart and mind into ours, was a remarkable and transcendent experience.

His lessons were so simple.
Be happy. Be compassionate. Do not cause problems for others.  
A simplicity that chastened the heart and yet buoyed it with hope. 

I have been asked what it was like. Being near him, hearing him,
absorbing his kindness and wisdom.  
 It was like climbing into the lap of God... whoever your god might be.

Namaste, Your Holiness.

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