19 October 2012

Favorite Thing No. 12b

One of my favorite things is placing colored glass in windows in place of curtains.
In each of my kitchen windows there are bottles, plates or other glass items
resting along the sills or suspended from fishing line, catching and reflecting the light.
There is green and amber glass in the window over the sink.
Cobalt blue and red glass fills the ledge of the window over the small built-in desk,
with pale green and amethyst glass along the upper window legde. 
And soft honey-yellow glass fills the window that overlooks my garden patio.  

On the stairwell, there is a reproduction "Tiffany" panel that nearly fills the window,
as well as several pieces of amber glass. And so it is throughout the cottage:

A disk of stained glass, depicting a Monet painting, in the downstairs powder room,
as well as a fragment of stained glass from a dismantled church window,
and several vintage cobalt medicine jars.

An oval disk of a Tiffany waterfall in the upstairs hallway window,
with hobnail blue glass along the ledge.

 And a series of crystal chandelier prisms in the upstairs bathroom,
refracting the sunlight into a quivering dance of rainbows on the walls.

I love watching the colorful glass filter sunlight by day,
or the glow of streetlamps and full moons by night.
On the bedroom windows there are bamboo shades and light voile panels, for privacy.
But wherever I can, I love filling windows with colored glass.

Look out the window at Claudia's FAVORITE THINGS...


  1. The window over your kitchen sink is so pretty. It must make you very happy to see the pretty glass when you are doing the dishes! I'm thinking your home must have beautiful colors throughout with reflections from all the glass. I read your last post about St. Andrew's, Scotland. My son is there now at the University, studying, and he tells me it is beautiful. Linda

  2. I love the colored glass on the kitchen window sills. What a cheerful place to wash your dishes!

    Hugs from Idaho,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Nice! Growing up, my mom always had colored vases in the dining room and living room windows-- so pretty!

  4. I think having colored glass in windows is such a neat idea. I have some aqua ball jars on my window sill and a narrow hanging piece of stained glass that my sister gave me.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. Beautiful! reminds me of my mom's picture window in her living room...long ago she'd had a collection of colored glass going all across the sill / it was lovely

  6. How pretty! I love having colored glass things in my windows, too. I have a Cinderella slipper like yours, only mine is an amber color. It belonged to my Grandmother. It sits with a few depression glass plates and miniature nesting chickens in my kitchen window. The sun shines through that window in the mornings, creating a rainbow on the wall.

  7. Lovely! It is so very nice to look through colored glass at the outside world. You've just reminded me that I have a floral stained glass that needs to be hung in the sun room!

  8. I love colored glass and have a couple of window ledges filled with it. This time of year I use amber and green. I'll move to red soon and then after Christmas bring back out my blues!!

  9. Lovely!!
    I think I am in love with Monet!!

  10. Colored glass is magnificent catching the light. Love the gold tones.

  11. The window over your sink is especially beautiful. Have a nice Sunday. Regula