05 October 2012

Favorite Thing No. 2d

 My cottage is filled with books.
There are five book cases in my parlor.
There are also stacks of books piled neatly on top of vintage luggage,
rickety side tables, cane-benches, the mantle, and the floor.
There's a bookcase in the kitchen hallway,
there's a bookshelf in the kitchen,
there's another on the 2nd floor landing,
there's a large bookcase in the guest room,
and there are four bookcases in the upstairs den.
(There are none in my bedroom, oddly enough. I shall have to remedy that...)
When it comes to books: More is seldom enough.

I love books.  Books are indeed my FAVORITE thing.

To paraphrase Frederick Fleet: this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Put down that book and come to Claudia's FAVORITE THING party.


  1. I LOVE books too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Books. I love them. I cherish them. I so hope to build some bookshelves here someday. I used to always have my books around me and now they are packed away in our shed or crammed on bookcases in the bedroom.

    I love your photos. I just know I would love to visit your cottage!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. Are you talking about my house? ;-) Books are the world. Have a nice weeken. Regula

  4. I love books too ~ while I don't have book cases like you, I do have books in every single room of the house. And I especially love that you have a parlor, and I suppose a comfy chair or to for reading (:

  5. Entendo perfeitamente. Também adoro livros e nem tenho lugar para todos os meus em minha casa. São tantos...

  6. You know what ? They are my favorite thing ,too.
    Smiles Dottie

  7. I love books and have them stacked everywhere also!
    hugs, Linda

  8. I think we must be related! I had to have bookcases built in my kitchen, one at the top of the stairs, two in the dining room, etc! One can never have enough bookcases to hold all our treasures! Visiting from A Favorite Thing Saturday and am your newest follower. Stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit. We could share a mug of spiced cider and discuss a favorite book!

  9. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and to Claudia for hosting Favorite Thing. I so hope you get to have your bookcases, Claudia, so you can display and read your books and take pleasure in them. You're welcome to stop by the cottage anytime! There's always tea, scones, and plenty of places to sit and chat, indoors or out, depending on the season. ** Zilda! I'm so glad you understand, and that you and Dottie and Linda and Diane share my love of books. ** Regula, I couldn't agree more: books ARE the world. ** Susy, my favorite comfy place to read in the parlor is a wing chair that I got at a yard sale last year. (It's also a good place to nap!) ** I would love to share some warm cider and "talk books" with you at Still Woods Farmhouse! And while I do seem to have quite a few bookcases, I never seem to have enough. Take care, everyone!

  10. I love books, too. I used to keep every single book I read, but My home got overwhelmed with books, and now I pass all but my favorites on to other people. Believe me, there is still no shortage of books here. Three bookcases, plus. :-)