02 May 2012

It's all about the packaging

I am a slave to packaging. Vintage, retro, romantic, foreign. I even go so far as to buy certain brands because of the packaging. And when a company reissues their vintage packaging, as Morton Salt did several years back, I'm all over it. 

 Occasionally I'll panic if I see that a company has "updated" or "improved" their packaging. This means I'll have to find a way to re-use the older package that I have, which in the case of some items is virtually impossible.  (How do you pour the NEW Bon Ami cleansing powder through the holes of the old Bon Ami can?)

Here are just a few of my weaknesses when it comes to packaging:

 Bon Ami
It's the chick on the front that gets me every time... and the primary colors

Clabber Girl Baking Powder
I don't throw out an empty can until I have the new one in my hands .. 
again, for fear that I may never find it again or the packaging will change

Watkins soaps and lotions
A product that dates back to 1868 and still relies on its "apothecary" style labeling

Smith's Rosebud Salve and Minted Rose lip gloss
Anything in a tin and I'm there with bells on but Smith's tins are particularly lovely

Flavigny Mints
 I have been buying these since forever and I reuse the tins for everything
from paper clips to pen nibs

Healthy Hoof and Bag Balm "cuticle" cream
Okay, so it's really for horse hooves and cow udders, not human cuticles, but it does work wonders on "gardener's" hands, and the container designs are adorable

  Neals Yard Remedies
Their flower waters, creams, and skin care products are wonderful
and the cobalt blue bottles are icing on the cake.

Wise Woman Herbals
I have their gardeners salve which contains calendula, comfry, Vitamin D,
and beeswax and works wonders on cuticles and small cuts.

Call me nuts but as long as something comes in a pretty container, I'm willing to try it.
(And when the product is wonderful, all the better!)


  1. I am with you , anything in a pretty tin gets a look. Lovely mint tins I have never seen these before.

  2. They're really delicious and very reasonably priced. (ca. $1.99) There's a small anise seed inside. (And the violet ones really do taste like violet!) Before there were tic-tacs, there were Flavigny pearls. They're not that easy to find so when I do see them I get several tins. They do show up in the strangest places .. like Job Lot stores!

  3. I have these same shallow sensibilities! *smile* :) And indeed many of the same products!
    (Funny that we have the same quilt on the bed!)

  4. I really like the vintage style packaging to. It's funny how products really can be more appealing by the way in which they are packaged. I don't know if it's the same company or not but I often use Watkins pure vanilla and the label looks much like those of the soaps and lotions you've shown here with apothecary style labels.
    Part of my transferware collection consists of some small round containers that held toothpaste or meat products. They are so neat! You would probably find them very interesting. If you want the link to the post I did I'll send it to you.

  5. Hi Haworth,
    A vabulous list of timeless products! Yep that darling little chick is hard to say no to! I love rosebud salve (whats not to love), I haven't seen the flower flavored candies in awhile, I will be keeping my eyes peeled!

  6. Hi Bella! If you find those candies make sure you pick up several tins as they tend to appear for awhile and then vanish again. Have you ever tried "Wise Woman" products? (I just added a photo to this post.) They make a salve that's wonderful for gardeners' hands -- it has calendula, comfry, beeswax and vitamin D in it. Thanks again for stopping by!

  7. J.R. Watkins does have gourmet cooking products in their line, GadsgenGuy.