22 May 2012

Garden Reverie

The sun was beaming, there was a cool breeze, the wind chimes were tinkling.
We sat around the garden, gossiping and sipping Earl Grey sun tea and lemonade,
munching on orange-lemon sugar cookies.

A little wicker basket filled up quickly with brightly-colored packets of seeds....  

Cosmos, Cleome, California Poppy, Morning Glory, Moonflower,
Angel's Trumpet, Milkweed, Cotton, Beets, Sweet Peas,
Mexican Daisies, Bee Balm

All in all a lovely day.


  1. Sounds like you had a sweet and successful event! Happy cultivating!

  2. It was such lovely weather, Jacqueline. And after I planted all my seeds, I sat in the garden and read all afternoon. (And had a few more cookies!)