25 April 2012

The Transit of Venus

At the moment, Venus is visible in the sky at dusk after sunset. 

As seen from the Earth, it is making its way 'round its orbit
and by June 5th it will pass in front of the Sun...
... a rare transit that will not occur again until the year 2117. 

This is the last time she will do so in my lifetime.
[File under: Things I should not take for granted.]

And so it is time to calibrate telescopes heavenward
and gaze into the early evening sky.


  1. I will be waiting for the 5th of June.
    Venus is trully the guiding star.
    Here where i live she can be seen bright and clear..in the star studded sky above the fields.
    such an appropriate picture
    Happy Thursday

  2. I love the information you share with us. I will be sharing this with my girl.

    Have a beautiful week and thanks so much for your visit to my blog:)

  3. Thank you, Val and Abby! I hope the nights will be clear so we all can see her in this once in our lifetime event.