20 April 2012

Just hanging out

White, laced-trimmed and ruffle-edged linens,
hanging in the sun next to my cottage.
They were cool and sweet smelling when I took them down
and are now waiting in the ironing basket.

My neighbor's Hangout was more colorful than mine
with lovely shades of blue, coral and red.
She was kind enough to take both photographs. (Thank you!)
We laughed and agreed that our laundry lines
were a true reflection of each of us!

Anyone else have pictures of their Hangout Day line?


  1. This is a really cool post.
    I find it relaxing when hanging out washing.
    I notice that you both hang your wahsing the same way!
    happy weekend Haworth.

  2. I didn't get hung up yesterday! Booo! But good for you! You have some fine looking laundry! I thot you might like this little link today on Charlotte Bronte.

    Hope you're having a fine weekend!

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of me and sending along the Brönte link, Jacqueline—-the photos are so lovely! A tiny spider tried to hitch a ride into the house on one of the lace pillowcases I had out on Hangout Day, but I put him on a flower instead! I hope you had a beautiful weekend.

  4. I find anything do with laundry is relaxing, Val! Especially ironing. I didn't notice that my neighbor and I do hang our clothes the same. I generally do that to make more room on the line! Take care and thank you for stopping by.