06 March 2012

Pub Lunch in the Garden

For the past few summers I've been having lunch in the garden for a friend's birthday.  One year it was afternoon tea, but the last two years it's been a traditional Pub Lunch with salad (accompanied by my own recipe for English salad cream), an assortment of English cheeses, sliced meats, deviled eggs, chutney, fruit, crusty bread, and British cider.  (The hard stuff!)

Here is the table setting from last August. 

 Flowers from my garden were the only "adornments" for the table.

 I wanted it to be rustic and welcoming and not too fancy.

A pleasant memory on a late winter's day!


  1. I love bringing the "inside" out-of-doors for tea parties and lunches, especially when the garden is in full bloom. (Although I've found that consuming a glass of cider that large is a little like drinking a loaf of bread!)

  2. Your pub lunch looks so inviting, it must have been delicious.

  3. Delicious and very filling!