30 March 2012

Keeping It Simple

Several year ago, a friend of mine posed a query to me. It is one I occasionally find myself reconsidering, especially during those moments when life is anything but simple. 

You are to be left alone on a deserted island for the span of six months. You may bring only the following with you:
  • One book
  • A portable CD player, batteries for 6 months, and one CD
  • One image (photograph or painting, etc.)
  • A favorite piece of clothing or favorite outfit
  • One personal luxury item (e.g., cologne, pen, comb, shampoo, etc.)
  • One practical item (flashlight, matches, blanket, etc.)
  • A case of one beverage
  • A case of one food item
Neither the luxury item nor the practical item can be electronic. Under no circumstances can you leave the island until the six months have passed. What are your choices? 

Over time, a few of my choices have varied, while others remain immutable.
I find that oddly comforting. 

1 comment:

  1. Having had a little experience of semi desert islands.. I would take nothing. I would simply live from the sea, catch the dew in the leaves and Ahh well one's imagination can take us anywhere..
    Imaganitive post.. I liked it
    happy weekend