22 March 2012

Moments here and there

Last Saturday I awoke to the sound of birds singing in the hemlock tree.  As breakfast was cooking I took my cup of tea and wandered around the garden in my nightdress, seeing what had grown or poked through the soil since the day before, marveling at all the beautiful shades of green as everything slowly comes to life, and planning in my head all the Spring tasks I'm longing to get to:  

  • flowers to dig up and move to another part of the garden
  • seeds to start for pots along the stairway 
  • window boxes to fill by the trellises near the side door
  • pea gravel to replenish all the garden paths
  • setting up the rain barrel and cleaning out the birdbath
Later in the afternoon I took a walk and then knitted for awhile.  Before the day ended I wrote a few cards and notes to far away friends. And as I busied myself with these random activities throughout the day, it occurred to me how important it is to be touched by these transitory moments, as simple as they might be, and to be aware of them as they're happening. 

Carry on.


  1. My heart is full of hope this morning. Spring is truly here.
    I want to get stuck into my garden, everyone seems to be so busy.
    your garden photos are delightful.
    These things are important and for a moment we can immerse ourselves in the sheer bliss of simple things, that make us happy.
    I too have the birds singing and twittering away .
    lovely blog

  2. Thank you, Val! It rained in the night and is growing warm again. The birds seemed very busy here this morning, singing and building their nests!