15 November 2011

A stitch in time [Part Deux]

I thought it might be time to update the Knitting, Sewing and Crocheting projects list I posted last winter:

- The Civil War era bed socks were finished but in heather brown rather than olive green

- The multi-colored socks (lavender, grey and yellow) were finished in time to be an Easter gift

- A few more bookmarks were made, though not as many as I'd hoped.  So this shall remain on the "TO DO" list. 

I also managed to complete several unexpected items that were not on my original list, thanks to the discovery of several new pattern books at the library which led me astray:

- A pair of multi-colored ankle socks (burgundy, midnight blue, olive green, muddy brown) with cabled cuffs

- A pair of multi-colored basket-weave tube socks (deep turquoise, mustard yellow, french red) with turquoise cuffs and heels

- A pair of olive green tube socks with a long traditional cuff and then twisted cables that reach to the toe

- A pair of cream tweed tube socks entirely cabled to the toe

[Methinks the ladye doth overly love her toobe sokke pattern.]

Okay, so that's the good news.  Now for my list of shortcomings:
  • The grey wool scarf with a very thin metallic thread running through it?  This never got off the ground because I couldn't find the right kind of metallic thread.  Still searching.
  • The test run at knitting frost flowers? This ended in a brief but unnerving bout of clinical insanity. [Our heroine will try this again in the dead of winter when her mind tends to be more calm.]
  • The tea cosy? This still languishes in my sewing basket.  I'm setting a deadine of December for this one, with a secondary deadline of March. The hope is that I will give it to my friend either at Christmas OR on her birthday.  Stay tuned.
  • The Entrelac scarf I'd hoped to knit for myself? As is the case with most knitters, for whom the mantra is always GIFTS COME FIRST, I have stitched ansolutely nothing on this, despite having been given a generous gift of additional yarn by a friend.
All in all not an unproductive season. If only I could prevent my mind from leaping out of bounds and getting caught up in new projects when there are so many old ones to finish. 

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