22 November 2011

Gardening Idea No. 93-b

Okay, so my heart has been set on a bottle tree since I learned about them several years ago.  As yet I haven't been able to afford one so I've been 'making do'.  Last summer I slipped colored wine bottles onto the sturdy branchs of a Rose of Sharon bush. A bit teetery but charming in its own way. This past summer I inverted colored bottles onto the wooden spears of a fan-shaped trellis.  A moderate success but still no substitute for the real thing.  With luck, by next summer there will be a bonafide rebar bottle tree planted somewhere in the garden. Deo volente.

In the meantime, thanks to another blogger leaving bread crumbs to a site she follows, I've discovered another glass garden whimsy that I simply must have. 


I'm not entirely certain how these cheery fellows stay upright on the rebar. (No doubt some industrial strength substances are involved.) Suffice it to say I'll be scouting the local consignment shops for colored glass plates between now and April.

(By the way I have noticed that more and more bloggers are posting about bottle trees. Coincidence??)

Carry on.

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