21 March 2014

Opening a can of "Get Busy"

The rake will come out this weekend, along with some brown paper leaf bags,
my worn gardening clogs, and a favorite cotton dress and denim shirt.

Time to get busy in the garden, clearing away Winter's dullness,
and letting the first shoots of Spring find their way into the light.

Tiny Crocus and brave Daffodils are already pushing through the soil,
waiting to be rescued from the bracken with a careful hand.
 Forsythia branches have swollen nibs that will open soon, 
their sunny flowers unfurling slowly on the first warm day.

Indoors there is ironing to tackle, some drawers to tidy,
and closets to go through with a ruthless eye.
Magazines to read and discard, yarn to wind and sort through,
and curtains to wash and rehang.
Seed packets to organize, a garden shed to clear of winter's dust,
and a verandah to clean and garnish.

It will take awhile to accomplish everything,
but with the fairer weather comes that vernal burst of energy
that makes each task a happy one.
And I will be fueled by pots of tea, and perhaps a plate of scones.

Like the birds in the trees overhead, I will be bustling about,
readying my home, sweet home, for a new season.




  1. I didn't know "get busy" comes in a can! I obviously need to stock up :-)
    It is wonderful t hear of your bits of green poking through! Happy Spring!
    Isn't it wonderful to be busy and shake the last of Winter off? YES!

    1. Yes! it was wonderful, Bella. Although it's going to take more than one can of "Get Busy" to get it all done! hahaha

  2. Ah, what a refreshing post! Spring is on its way, and has even arrived in some places.

    1. It seems to finally have arrived here, Linda, and I couldn't be happier!