06 March 2014

One man's Gainsborough...

A painting has been "decommissioned" in my office.

Set aside as being too old, too sad, too depressing
it was replaced by something more 'now' and more colorful.

 I have been gazing up at this painting for decades
in its perfect location over the mantle
(in what used to be a mid-19th c. mansion)
and it has only grown more beautiful in my eyes over the years.

 The title is Homeward Bound.
And indeed, I truly empathize with the cart horse,
who does look weary and ready to go home.
(Something that truly speaks to my heart at the end of the day.)

 Still... everyone has different tastes.
And despite being a Gainsborough
(yes.... THAT Gainsborough)
it no longer has pride of place in this otherwise lovely room.

But... there was a happy ending...

It is now resting safely next to my desk.
And I could not be happier to have my friend near me as I work.


  1. It is indeed lovely. I hope your friend can keep you company for a very long time.
    Smiles, Dottie

    1. I hope so, too, Dottie! It's so comforting to look over and see it nearby. I'm relieved I was able to rescue it.