07 February 2014

Winter Portrait

Winter's hand has transformed the gardens over the past weeks,
blanketing the woodpile, leaving a lacy edge on the wreaths,
and tracing each branch on the viburnum with white.

Clay pots stand frozen...
their tendrils reaching out like brittle arthritic fingers.

The rose hedge is a mass of white, each branch, thorn and hip
coated in a thick layer of snow.

The empty seed pods on the rose of sharon
rise up like cotton bolls against the sky.

An old headboard groans under a tangle of snow-laden bittersweet.

Iron trellises catch snow in each curve.

Garden follies seem topped with dollops of whipped cream.

The arbor bends under the weight of snow packed roses.

Bittersweet vines create whirling patterns, like looping joy rides.

Chairs wait, silent and perfectly still.

All remnants of nature's latest snow fest.


  1. Snow seems to paint such a winter wonderland. It looks so magical.

    1. It is magical, Dottie! Especially when it's newly fallen and not yet marred by any activity. But I do keep imagining all the little flowers beneath the blanket of snow, waiting to make an entrance!

  2. Gorgeous images. I love taking pictures in snow.

    1. Me, too, Perpetua! Although mine never really capture what it's truly like. But it's nice to keep a record of how things looked in all the seasons.