26 February 2014

Story Telling

THE art of story-telling has been cultivated in all ages and among all nations of which we have any record. It is the outcome of an instinct implanted universally in the human mind. By means of a story, the savage philosopher accounts for his own existence and that of all the phenomena which surround him. With a story, the mothers of the wildest tribes awe their little ones into silence, or rouse them into delight. And the weary hunters beguile the long silence of a desert night with the mirth and wonders of a tale.

from The Science of Fairy Tales (1891)
—Edward Sidney Hartland

I believe I am, at heart, a story teller.  It is by far my favorite means of expression. My grandmothers were story-tellers. My maternal grandfather was a story-teller. And both of my parents were story tellers. So it is both an inherited and learned approach to communicating who I am, what I feel, what I've experienced, and what matters to me. And I find myself attracted to story-tellers, being blessed with several story-telling friends. The thing about story-tellers, you see, is that they are also pretty good listeners. Because they like a good story.

Carry on.

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