20 September 2012

Sock Feet

Last year a generous knitting friend passed along a beautiful bag of colorful SOCKOTTA yarn—that crazy, calibrated "yarn of many colors" that magically knits itself into a pattern. (Or as I call it: "Fair Isle for Dummies".)  

Intrigued by the tempting tangles that awaited me, I sat on the couch for several hours, patiently finding all the ends and winding the yarn into at least 10 different balls.  (I'm the type of person who actually loves spending most of the day de-tangling yarn.  Or jewelry. Or tidying junk drawers.)  

Once I'd finished this labor intensive but strangely restful chore, I lined the yarn balls in a row and sat back to consider them. 

None were larger than 50g. 

Definitely enough to make one sock out of each ball.... 

...but only one.  

So I am the proud owner of six mismatched socks with at least four more to go.

[Or I could always use them as hand puppets.]


  1. Hee hee hee... my daughter loves wearing her socks mismatched. I love that top one... very cool. At least you won't have to hunt for the match after laundry... any one will do! :)

  2. Well, they be mismatched but they do look warm.!


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Tracy! I've heard from several friends that they're seeing more people wearing mismatched socks. (And yes! no more hunting for 'sock mates' that might be swallowed up in the dryer....)

  4. They are very warm, Judy. The yarn is a washable wool blend (superwash wool) which means they can go into the washer AND the dryer. Thank you so much for coming by!